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Sep 26, 2012 1:00am PDT
you're doing? - the order came in. we're putting up this hot ranger and taking down this ad for the rosie o'donnell show. [breezy music] ♪ - ugh...ugh... [sniffing] come on. - looking for this? come on in, man, i got tater chips, candy, moon pies, whatever you want! - you're not gonna rape me, are you? - do i look like a rapist to you? - you look exactly like a rapist. - oh, just 'cause i'm a redneck, i'm a rapist, huh? i'm a big, bad rapist? i guess that explains why i got this duct tape and chloroform, right? - you're really not helping your case. - no, no, no, you think i'm a rapist. it's a good thing i got this court order mandating that i stay 50 yards away from young'uns and small animals with my name on it right there. - okay, i better be getting back. - did i mention i have chocolate? - well, maybe i can come in for a minute. [door creaking open] - holy shit! - what are you doing in ethel's cabin? - i'm...wait. what are you doing in ethel's cabin? - stalking her. - oh. i'm here for the pillow fight. yah! - ow! oh! what the hell? - oh, my god, that was close. but it
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1